Crosby hesitated more than once before he let himself be directed to park in the family’s driveway. The last thing he wants to be is presumptuous.

Sid is clearly a terrible person that worries about inconveniencing fans while delivering their season tickets.

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Idk like I just want one of your hands on my hip with the other around my neck while I’m up against a wall and you’re whispering dirty things in my ear

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I can feel myself slipping into old habits to hide from how I feel and I’m just so so fucked.

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We aren’t even anything, so why does this hurt so fucking badly?

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Q: Saw your post about being stressed. Just take a deep breath. I know it's hard, and it's ok to feel sad & even to have full on meltdowns, but do you best you can to take care of yourself. Get a good night's rest, get your favorite foods & watch a funny movie. I know it's not the cure to happiness but it's a start ^-^

Thank you sweetheart

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